about emily + kindred

I got my first tarot deck when I was in the depths of the deepest depression I’ve ever experienced. At a time when everything felt hopeless and meaningless, it became a flashlight and a companion to navigate a very scary world. It opened me up to the rest of the universe and sparked the beginning of an intense spiritual journey. The cards spoke to me in a way that validated my hardest feelings, and gave me realistic and actionable ways to heal. It couldn’t have come sooner, and I credit tarot (along with therapy, a strong support system, medication, and meditation) in saving my life.

I write this now in a place of gratitude and happiness for my journey and a yearning to share my tarot practice with others. I’ve learned to extend the healing energies of tarot with my friends and my family, and I’m always looking to expand the way it touches my life and the lives of others. I made an investment into my tarot career by completing Lindsay Mack’s 8 - week course, Tarot For The Wild Soul.

Aside from tarot, I’ve always been interested in all things occult: I dip my toe into herbalism, astrology, reiki, palmistry, and spellwork. I live my life by the cycles of the moon, the life and death cycles of nature, and unseen energies. I believe in the integration of light and dark. Where there is light, there is always a shadow, and it isn’t to be ignored.

I am unabashedly anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, trauma-sensitive. I am an intersectional feminist and a part of the LGBTQ family. Our work together will always be a safe space for you to show up as your full, vibrant, messiest self. I don’t shy away from the hard stuff - let’s wade through the mud together.

My “dayjob” and other passion is food and cooking, and I serve as Pastry Chef at Bad Hunter restaurant in Chicago. I live cosily and happily with my wife, AJ, and my feline familiar Eleanor Scribbles.

Why “Kindred?”

some definitions: of a similar nature or character, kinship, a group of related individuals.

synonyms: kinfolk, lineage, clan, family

This word has always struck a chord with me, and encapsulates one of the many facets of why I love tarot. It allows me tap into the collective, and realize that we truly are more alike than we are different. Our joys, triumphs, failures, heartbreaks, and trauma. We all have them, and they might manifest in different ways, but at the end of the day I believe we all have the capacity for these human experiences and can relate on them.

You are my kin and I am yours.

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