I’m currently offering three types of readings: in person, email, and event. There are multiple options within the in person and email category based on time or number of cards. Read more below!


In-Person Readings

30 minutes - $40

Perfect for someone new to tarot, or with one specific question or subject you’d like to focus on.


45 minutes - $60

With a little more time, we can delve into 2 or 3 subjects or areas you’d like more clarification on.


1 hour - $80

This time allows us to go over 3 or 4 subjects, or what I like to call an “energetic check-in.” We can see the energies at play in your life and what to focus on moving forward.



email readings

 Email readings are just as potent as in person, but with the luxury of not leaving your house.

3 cards - $30

6 cards - $60

9 cards - $90



Events / group rates

I’m happy to be a part of your event / celebration / party! Having a tarot reader can be a fun, interactive way to do something different for your event. Please email me directly at for event inquiries, but typically my rate is $120 for the first hour, and $100 for each hour following. This covers not only my readings, but my transportation to and from the event and the time/ energy to set up and break down.